This release squashes a few bugs :bug: :bug: :bug: noticed by a few wonderful Jekyll users:

  • If your permalink ended with a /, your URL didn’t have any extension, even if you wanted one
  • We now strip the BOM by default per Ruby’s
  • page.dir will not always end in a slash.

We also updated our Code of Conduct to the latest version of the Contributor Covenant. The update includes language to ensure that the reporter of the incident remains confidential to non-maintainers and that all complaints will result in an appropriate response. I care deeply about Jekyll’s community and will do everything in my power to ensure it is a welcoming community. Feel free to reach out to me directly if you feel there is a way we can improve the community for everyone! If you’re interested in more details, there is a diff for that.

See links to the PR’s on the history page.

Thanks to Jordon Bedwell, chrisfinazzo, Kroum Tzanev, David Celis, and Alfred Xing for their commits on this latest release! :sparkles:

Happy Jekylling!