Jekyll’s growing community produces wide variety of themes, plugins, tutorials and other resources that can be helpful. Below is a collection of links to some of the most popular Jekyll resources.


See also: docs/themes.




Use a SaaS service as a backend for functionality on your Jekyll site


  • Staticman: Add user-generated content to a Jekyll site (free and open source)
  • Talkyard: Embedded comments for Jekyll and others (free and open source, or hosted serverless)

Content Management

  • CloudCannon: The Cloud CMS for Jekyll
  • Contentful: Content infrastructure for digital teams
  • Tina is an open-source, Git-backed headless content management system (CMS) that empowers both developers and content creators to collaborate seamlessly on a single platform
  • Decap CMS: Decap CMS (formerly Netlify CMS) is an open source content management system for your Git workflow that enables you to provide editors with a friendly UI and intuitive workflows
  • Siteleaf: Built for developers, Loved by everyone
  • Kentico Kontent: A headless CMS with full control over content presentation


  • MemberSpace: Add memberships and paywall functionality to a Jekyll site
  • Snipcart: Add a shopping cart to a Jekyll site


  • Algolia: Add a powerful instant search to your Jekyll site
  • Elastic Site Search: Another option for adding search to your Jekyll site, built on Elasticsearch
  • Bonsai Search: The easiest way to use Elasticsearch for your Jekyll site
  • CloudSh: Website search with a few lines of JavaScript

Editors plugins

  • Visual Studio Code has various jekyll related plugins and supports autocompletion for configuration file.
  • jekyll-atom: A collection of snippets and tools for Jekyll in Atom
  • markdown-writer: An Atom package for Jekyll. It can create new posts/drafts, manage tags/categories, insert link/images and add many useful key mappings.
  • sublime-jekyll: A Sublime Text package for Jekyll static sites. This package should help creating Jekyll sites and posts easier by providing access to key template tags and filters, as well as common completions and a current date/datetime command (for dating posts). You can install this package manually via GitHub, or via Package Control.
  • vim-jekyll: A vim plugin to generate new posts and run jekyll build all without leaving vim.
  • WordPress2Jekyll: A WordPress plugin that allows you to use WordPress as your editor and (automatically) export content into Jekyll. WordPress2Jekyll attempts to marry these two systems together in order to make a site that can be easily managed from all devices.