Jekyll has a new Lead Developer: Olivia!

After over 5 years of leading Jekyll, many releases from 0.12.1 to 3.6.0, and countless conversations in GitHub Issues, Pull Requests, Jekyll Talk, and more, I am passing on the torch as Lead Developer of Jekyll.

Olivia has been working with the Jekyll community for some time now. You may have seen her around in issues and pull requests on the various Jekyll repositories. She started as a contributor, then joined the Core team as our community lead. Olivia joined the Jekyll Core Team with experience in the Node.js community, both online and as a volunteer organizer with JSConf EU.

In my conversations with Olivia, it is clear that Jekyll’s vision of simplicity for the user (no magic!) and letting users’ content be king will remain a top priority. In just the last few weeks as the transition has been occurring, we have seen some incredible work on performance that will make future versions of Jekyll work better at scale. She will be prioritizing work on innovative improvements to make Jekyll that much better for all of us. Olivia balances an eye for quality with the need for shipping well.

When Tom Preston-Werner met me at GitHub HQ 2.0 in January 2013 to pass on the torch, I could never have dreamed of all the amazing experiences this community would share with me over the next 5 years. From visiting @qrush in Buffalo, NY for a hack night on Jekyll to attending a Jekyll planning session hosted by @benbalter at GitHub to Google Summer of Code which gave us jekyll-admin, I am eternally grateful to all of you for the opportunity to lead this excellent community. I’m confident Olivia will continue to lead Jekyll to even greater heights.

As always, Happy Jekylling!


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