Hey, folks! Bunch of bug fixes here. Notables:

  • Only superdirectories of _posts will be categories.
  • :title in permalink templates are now properly cased as before
  • .jekyll-metadata being erroneously written when not using incremental build.
  • Failure in liquid will now always fail the jekyll process.
  • All hooks should now be properly registered & documented

And a bunch more changes which you can see over in the changelog.

Thanks to the 17 developers who contributed code and documentation to this patch release: Alfred Xing, Christian Trosell, Jordan Thornquest, Jordon Bedwell, Larry Fox, Lawrence Murray, Lewis Cowles, Matt Rogers, Nicole White, Parker Moore, Paul Robert Lloyd, Sarah Kuehnle, Vincent Wochnik, Will Norris, XhmikosR, chrisfinazzo, and rebornix.