Liquid Options

Liquid’s response to errors can be configured by setting error_mode. The options are

  • lax — Ignore all errors.
  • warn — Output a warning on the console for each error. (default)
  • strict — Output an error message and stop the build.

Within _config.yml, the default configuration is as follows:

  error_mode: warn

The above example depicts the “warn” value, which is already set by default- error_mode: warn. This results in any issues being called out during the build process however will continue to build if possible.

You can also configure Liquid’s renderer to catch non-assigned variables and non-existing filters by setting strict_variables and / or strict_filters to true respectively. 3.8.0

Do note that while error_mode configures Liquid’s parser, the strict_variables and strict_filters options configure Liquid’s renderer and are consequently orthogonal.

An example of setting these variables within _config.yml is as follows:

  error_mode: strict
  strict_variables: true
  strict_filters: true

Configuring as described above will stop your build/serve from happening and call out the offending error and halt. This is helpful when desiring to catch liquid-related issues by stopping the build or serve process and allowing you to deal with any issues.