Jekyll 4.1.0 brought two notable changes: Page-excerpts and Liquid Drop for Page objects. However these seemingly benign changes had unexpected adverse side-effects which did not figure in our tests.

The Core team decided that the best way forward is to revert introduction of the Liquid drop for Pages but push back generating excerpts for pages behind a flag until v5.0.

Page-excerpts are henceforth an opt-in experimental feature which can be enabled by setting page_excerpts: true in your configuration file. Due to its experimental nature, we have narrowed the scope for page-excerpts to limit their negative effect on builds. Excerpts will not be generated for pages that do not output into an HTML file even if page_excerpts: true has been set in the configuration file.

Another known issue with page-excerpts is that an infinite loop is created in certain use-cases such as any construct that involves iterating through site.pages directly within a Jekyll::Page instance. A couple of examples would be having a variant of either of the following code blocks inside a page source, say index.markdown or about.markdown:

{% for entry in site.pages %}
  {{ }}
{% endfor %}
{{ site.pages | sort: 'title' }}

Therefore, we advise caution when opting to use the page-excerpt feature.