Jekyll is an open source project, built one contribution at a time by community members just like you. These community contributions can come in many forms beyond just writing code, from reporting an issue or suggesting a new feature to improving documentation or providing feedback on proposed changes.

If you’ve been looking to get involved with the Jekyll community, but didn’t know, we’ve recently made it easier to contribute to Jekyll in two ways:

First, we’ve completely rewritten the project’s contributing guidelines, outlining the various ways you can contribute, and including better instructions for submitting proposed changes via or for submitting your first code improvement. And if you have any feedback, we’d love to hear it! Simply click the “improve this page” button in the top right corner of the contributing documentation.

Second, this week, we created six community interest groups, we’re calling Jekyll affinity teams. If you’re interested in a particular aspect of the project (or just want to learn more), you can join any one of these teams (or two, or three), to participate in discussions about potential bugs and proposed improvements. And the best part is there’s no commitment. If you just want to listen, or if at any point you want to leave (or switch teams), that’s totally fine. We won’t say a thing. To learn more about the various affinity teams, or to join one (please do!), just head on over to

We hope these changes will make it easier for you to make your first (or second, or third) contribution to Jekyll today. Thanks for helping to make Jekyll awesome!