Hey again! Just wanted to let you know we’ve released another version of Jekyll, jam-packed with bug fixes.

A huge “thank you” is in order for all the folks who have submitted bug reports over the last 2 days — your input is what allows this project to continue. It’s always a pain to deal with a MAJOR version bump release, but it’s been pretty smooth so far and you have all been nice about the flaws you’ve found in the tool. Keep filing those reports so we can continue to make Jekyll even better!

Thank you to the contributors that contributed code to 2.0.1, 2.0.2, and/or 2.0.3:

Parker Moore, Yi Zeng, Gabe Ortiz, Aaron Broder, Alberto Grespan, gpxl, David Briggs, Kevin Ingersoll, and Troy Swanson.

As always, check out the changelog for more info. Happy Jekylling!